Hatch: 03.26.2006 (Brown)
Jane Air x Blue Frost

Akwa  was produced by Greg Maxwell of Fine Green Tree Pythons.

He is a mellow blue line male and is the first dark phase neonate in our
collection to morph directly to black without first lightening to orange or
yellow.  The black mark on top of his head is not an ink spot but evidence of
the fact that he was a real knucklehead as a neonate.  He somehow
managed to bend a number of scales completely backwards in one of his
overnight escapades.  The scales fully recovered their normal shape and
position but remained an indigo shade of blue.

Clutch #1:
Faze x Akwa... produced 24 fertile eggs resulting in 17 dark phase
                   and 7 yellow neonates.

Akwa was retired as a breeder during his first season due to a severe
hemipene prolapse.  He will remain at the rescue as a program animal due
to his serene disposition.  A brief account of the medical intervention and his
recovery follows...

Discovered newly dried blood on water bowl and branches at 11:00AM.  At
animal hospital by 12:15PM.  Surgical removal of spongeform head of right
hemipene under sedation due to significant hemorrhaging, swelling and
drying of tissue by 2:00PM.  Left hemipene everted during attempt to replace
prolapsed right hemipene.  Neither hemipene retracted on own.  Right
hemipene completely amputated.  Left hemipene replaced.  Akwa
hospitalized overnight for observation.

Everted left hemipene again overnight.  Tissue slightly dry but able to
rehydrate and replace.  Tissue tacked but left hemipene prolapsed again
around noon.  Left hemipene treated with dextrose, but did not retract on
own.  Tissue temporarily tacked to hold in overnight for assessment by
specialist the following morning.

Removed portion of spongeform head of left hemipene under full
anesthesia.  Consultation with additional snake specialists provided
guarded prognosis for penile prolapse in arboreal species.

Returned home with Akwa from hospital at 3:00PM with injectable antibiotic
(Ceftazidime), injectable analgesic/anti-inflammatory (Meloxicam), topical
antibiotic (Tab) and topical analgesic/anti-inflammatory (Traumeel).

Sloughed skin one scale at a time during scheduled medical treatments.

Shed significantly thickened skin overnight, complete with exception of last
two or three inches of tail tip.  Manually removed as much skin on tail as
possible.  Last inch of tail hard and dry, pinch test resulted in no reaction.  

Ruptured suture on left side of cloaca.  Left hemipene prolapsed.  
Spongeform head of hemipene completely necrotic.

Observed further constriction and darkening of tail tip.

Shed necrotic spongeform head of left hemipene.  Remaining tissue
appeared well perfused but still protruding from cloaca.  

Started another shed cycle with onset of paleness and opacity of skin.

Noticed tip of tail ash gray, further constricted with greatly reduced scale

Shed almost normal skin with last inch of tail attached, including desiccated
soft tissue and bone.  Remaining tissue almost completely scaled.  Skin
appeared to cover bone completely.
Akwa (GM.06.21)
(Photo Courtesy of Greg Maxwell)