Blu (02060) ♀
Hatch: 06.16.2002 (Yellow)
97072 x 96009 (96006)

Blu was produced by Rico Walder of
Signal Herpetoculture.

She is a feisty girl from a Papua New Guinea female whose lineage
includes the Dallas Zoo blue founder female, Fort Worth Zoo and Tulsa Zoo
stock.  She has her dam's characteristic good looks and her sire's edgy Biak
attitude.  Photos never do her justice.  She has blue skin peeking out
between rich green scales and dark grey eyes.

Clutch #1:
Blu x Piper... produced three yellow neonates, only one of which     
                   survived a rough incubation after the female smeared the                 
                   contents of a broken egg during deposition over the entire clutch.

Clutch #2:
Blu x Hadiah... produced two yellow neonates.
(Photo Courtesy of Rico Walder)