This animal was a dark maroon
neonate from Blue Frost and
Worrell stock that emerged from
ontogenesis high light blue .  
Terms of Sale
Green Tree Python Rescue
This animal was a dark red
neonate with orange dorsal
markings from Blue Frost /
Worrell stock that is holding a
high percentage of blacks.

It is your responsibility as a potential buyer to read and understand the Terms of Sale of the Green Tree Python Rescue prior to
purchase.  By sending funds for the reservation or purchase of an animal listed on this site, you are acknowledging your
comprehension of and agreement to these terms in their entirety.  If you have questions, please contact us in writing at
sales@greentreepython.org before agreeing to reserve or purchase an animal, as all deposits are non-refundable.

Our primary concern is the health and safe transport of our animals.  

We guarantee our animals to be free from any known illness, infestation or physical defect unless otherwise noted.  We guarantee
our animals to be actively feeding and have at least three negative fecal floatations prior to transfer unless previously stipulated.  

We offer Priority Overnight shipment via FedEx for $75 to the continental United States but prefer that animals be delivered via ground
transportation due to the risks involved with air shipment.  We offer a maximum cash back guarantee of 50% on animals that do not
arrive live as FedEx does not offer insurance for live animal shipments.  

Buyer agrees to have animal delivered to FedEx hub nearest the location where the animal will be housed.  
Buyer agrees to pick up animal within 30 minutes of FedEx office opening, typically 9:00AM local time.
Buyer agrees to open shipping container and inspect animal within 15 minutes of FedEx “Delivery Time”, preferably at FedEx hub.  
Buyer agrees to notify us if animal is Dead On Arrival within 15 minutes of FedEx “Delivery Time” in order to qualify for guarantee.  
Buyer agrees that any failure to meet these conditions will result in the nullification of this guarantee.
Buyer agrees that all sales are final 24 hours after FedEx "Delivery Time".

Buyer accepts full responsibility for physical injury or damage (e.g. bruises, lacerations, kinks) to animal if shipped via FedEx.  
Buyer agrees to acknowledge physical examination by an Illinois licensed veterinarian as evidence of pre-shipment condition.  
Physical examination will be concluded within 90 minutes of drop off at FedEx hub and conducted at the expense of the seller.  
Due to this restriction, the buyer will have final determination in the construction of shipping container including the provision of
supplemental heat.

Buyer agrees to quarantine animal for a minimum of 90 days and ensure production of three consecutive negative fecal floatation
and smear tests prior to introduction to collection.  Quarantine to be defined as a separate room, separate disinfected enclosure and
cage furniture, dedicated sterilized cleaning and feeding implements, handling and maintenance after collection animals preferably
with gloves.

We schedule FedEx shipments around projected weather conditions at point of departure and arrival.  We reserve the right to
postpone shipments due to questionable ground or air conditions.  We typically require a minimum night time low temperature of
50F and a maximum day time high of 85F for shipping.  
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