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The Green Tree Python Rescue (GTPR) mission is to improve the lives of captive Green Tree Pythons (GTPs) by promoting respect
and quality care of these amazing animals through education, shelter, rehabilitation and adoption.

Who Are We?

GTPR is a species-specific, non-convenience-kill rescue and shelter committed to helping GTPs in need.  Our primary focus is on the
medical treatment, behavioral assessment and adoption of captive bred Green Tree Pythons.  Our ultimate goal is to provide an
ethical and sustainable alternative to the euthanasia of unwanted pets and the unregulated collection and sale of wild-caught animals.

GTPR provides display quality enclosures and regular handling for animals, giving them the closest-to-home experience that a
rescue can provide.  While our emphasis is on adopting animals out to hobbyists and educators, we do offer permanent residence for
those few animals that have severe behavioral challenges or require long-term medical care.

GTPR has rescued numerous GTPs from private homes, pet stores, breeders and shelters not equipped to care for reptiles.  We
receive no federal, state, county or city contributions.  We are funded solely by private donations from GTP enthusiasts, our work as
veterinary technicians in exotics and emergency clinics and profits from our personal breeding projects.

What is a Species-Specific Rescue?

Species-specific rescue groups are formed by like-minded individuals who wish to assist in the care and adoption of ill, abused or
unwanted members of a particular species or breed of animal.  

GTPR was formed by a zookeeper and veterinary technicians who recognized a need to place castoff GTPs into appropriate homes.  

GTPR evaluates each animal's behavior prior to placement, interviews candidates to select the best adoptive home and requires a
written contract that stipulates the standard of future care.   Retired breeders and animals with permanent disabilities are neutered or
chemically sterilized prior to adoption.

What is a Non-Convenience-Kill Shelter?

Generally speaking there are two types of animal shelters, those that practice euthanasia and those that do not.  

Large public shelters are frequently forced to euthanize animals as a matter of procedure to prevent over-crowding.  Small "no-kill"
shelters at times make decisions that do not fully consider the welfare of the animal and burden themselves with excessive veterinary
expenses for morbidly ill animals as a result of an unwavering resolve to keep animals alive at all cost, regardless of severity of
disease process or prognosis.

GTPR has carefully developed a pragmatic position that spans the gap between these two common philosophies on euthanasia
which we casually refer to as "non-convenience-kill".  We do not euthanize animals as a method of population control, convenience or
finance.  We do, however, euthanize severely ill or injured animals to prevent further suffering when necessary.

Is the Green Tree Python the Right Snake for You?

Green Tree Pythons have the ability to thrive for up to twenty years as pets.  That said, they do not tolerate sub-standard environmental
conditions and stress as well as many other snakes commonly found in the pet trade.  Daily observation and regular cage
maintenance is a must.  If base requirements are not met, GTPs can become gravely ill in a relatively short period of time.   

An eye for detail and the availability of time are key factors to successfully keeping this wonderful species in the home.  GTPs can be a
little more high-strung than other species of boids and may be better suited as display animals than interactive pets.  Be prepared to
spend as much on a quality cage set-up as you would on your first animal and have money in the bank for veterinary care.

If you are interested in purchasing or adopting a green tree python (aka chondro), the following book by Greg Maxwell provides a solid
overview of many pertinent topics to consider...

The More Complete Chondro - ISBN: 9780976733455

Other helpful books and books of interest include...

What is Wrong with My Snake? - ISBN: 1882770846
Adventures in Green Tree Python Country - ISBN: 1551975467
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