The CBB yellow neonate above is in excellent health and approximately one year old.
It is a very finicky eater and as a result is small for its age.  
It is a strong possibility that this animal may require assist feeds.
Available ONLY to experienced chondro keepers.
Adoption Fee: $250
Adoption #008
Our first adoption!  Not a big
fan of the camera.  Outside of
a moderate size skin fold, this
guy made a full recovery.  He
now lives with a nice family.
Adoption #017
This handsome man came to
us because his owner could
no longer handle his feisty
nature.  He was successfully
adopted to a home with a
more experienced keeper.
Green Tree Python Rescue
In 2004, we decided to limit our rescue efforts to green tree pythons.   This represented a series of hard decisions for us.  

When we first began rescue work in the mid 1990s, we accepted reptiles of any kind and size.  Very quickly, we began to realize that
many of the animals we rescued were not sick or injured but unwanted due to their growing size or care requirements.  

In an attempt to promote responsible pet ownership, we restricted relinquishments to small snakes and non-iguanid, non-varanid
lizards in 2000.  Four years later, we decided to focus solely on a species that had always captivated us, Morelia viridis.  

In addition to providing rehabilitation services for green tree pythons, we offer free consultations to pet owners that approach us
about relinquishing other species of snakes (especially giant snakes), turtles and lizards.  The goal is to enable and encourage
pet owners to follow through with the lifetime commitment they made when they purchased a reptile as a pet.

In 2006, we decided to expand our passion for chondros into breeding.  Rather than direct solicitation of donations, we opted to
further promote the purchase of captive born and bred green tree pythons by melding our rescue endeavors with a captive breeding
program.  While we do not support the collection and sale of wild-caught animals, we do provide rehabilitation services for them.

Rehabilitations are currently funded via our veterinary technician work at local exotic and emergency clinic, charitable donations,
adoption fees and the proceeds from our selective breeding Projects.  In the future we hope to be able to make all donations to the
Green Tree Python Rescue tax-deductible.

At least fifty percent of the proceeds from our breeding projects is reinvested to the rescue to fund expenses associated with
housing, care, feeding and medical costs.  The remainder funds future breeding
Projects and miscellaneous expenses.

One-hundred percent of adoption fees go directly toward animal care, typically to the payment of external veterinary expenses.  
While medical expenses are subsidized by the rescue, they are generally commensurate with the amount of medical intervention
required to rehabilitate each individual animal.  Animals with permanent disabilities will be neutered or chemically sterilized prior to
adoption.  Donations can be made toward the care of individual animals seen on the
Rehabilitations page.

As soon as an animal has successfully completed rehabilitation it is made available for adoption.  Applications are reviewed,
interviews of prospective adopters are conducted, adoption agreements are signed, then the animal is sent to its new home.

   If there are currently no animals available, please visit us again.